Where to next?

Now that Lesley has a camera and a voice recorder, we’re splitting up to cover more ground. So the question is, where should we go?

We’ve spent the last month covering fossil fuel shipping terminals on the West Coast and megaload blockades through the Northwest. Some of the stories we’ve talked about pursuing include:

  • The Sioux blockade camp in South Dakota
  • Talking to oil workers in North Dakota about environment and the economy
  • Visiting the site of a potential coal project in the Northern Cheyenne reservation
  • Interviewing members of the Nez Perce tribe about the successful blockade of Highway 12
  • Visting Fort McMurray to talk to First nations people and oil workers
  • Visiting ranchers along the proposed route in Nebraska
  • Visiting the sites of recent oil spills
  • Stories we don’t know about yet!

We’re really interested in finding stories about climate justice and fossil fuel resistance that are being under-reported, or where activists are planning actions in the coming weeks. And we can now be in two places at once!

We’re looking for comments and suggestions, or tips about other places we should go. Use the comments section here, or email us at fuelingdissent@riseup.net. Thanks!

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